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Press Release – Friday 20 January 2017

A Few Words From…. Kingsbridge Town Council

At last week’s full council meeting the budget was agreed for next financial year beginning on April 1st. This will require a Kingsbridge Band D council tax payer to make a contribution of £59.97 per annum to Kingsbridge Town Council which is an increase of £3.17 from this year at 5.58%. The extra funding will enable your local council to sustain its present services following a reduction in council tax support grant and make improvements to include new bunting, extra gully cleaning, allotments’ fencing, CCTV upgrade and an outdoor table tennis table.

A South West Highways team is carrying out essential repairs to the eastern pavement in Fore Street; thank you for your patience as the works will continue until late February. You will also have noticed orange circles painted on the edge of the pavement. These are the locations for bollards which will be installed in order to stop vehicles driving on to the pavement which would wreck all the good work. In summary, all the wobbling paving slabs and potential trip hazards will be history and the town will be left with a safe footway.

Each year the Town Council awards small cash grants to local groups and clubs which are actively involved in recreational, social or cultural pursuits within the community. Last year 7 awards were made at an average of £285 per grant. The awards helped to fund sports equipment for the Cricket Club, tennis coaching in the Recreation Ground and a stand/lighting units for the Camera Club. Other funding was provided for the creation of a Men’s Shed, the Coleridge Community Bus, a Foodbank cookery project and the Kingsbridge Celebrates Christmas event. Applications are now being invited for 2017. All previous successful and unsuccessful applicants may bid again and of course we are on the lookout for new applicants. Application forms, alongside the necessary conditions for the award, can be obtained from the Council Offices at Quay House or by downloading from the homepage of our website www.kingsbridge.gov.uk or by phoning 01548.853296. Completed forms, with supporting documents, are to be submitted to the Council Offices by Friday March 31st.






Kingsbridge Tranquillity Trail - an oasis of calm amidst the hustle and bustle.

Question: What do Bradford, San Francisco and (yes you've guessed it) Kingsbridge have in common? They are the first communities in the world to introduce Tranquillity Trails.

Click here for further information 

And here for the leaflet


Kingsbridge Town Council 'Trim Trail'

Kingsbridge Trim Trail exercise equipment consists of 14 robust pieces with 21 user stations in total and is simple to use, installed on all-weather surfaces and located to enable participants to walk or jog between different sites if they choose. The equipment aims to improve fitness, health and participation in physical activity and can be used by a range of ages and abilities. Trim Trails are situated in Duncombe Park, Quay House grounds and the Recreation Park, Kingsbridge. 

The Official Trim Trail Guide can be purchased for £1.00 from Kingsbridge Information Centre, the reception office of Kingsbridge Town Council or Norton Brook Surgery, Kingsbridge or can be viewed here:  

Trim Trail leaflet


Essential sewer works for Kingsbridge


A £250,000 scheme to improve Kingsbridge’s sewer network starts this month.

South West Water will be renovating sewers in the town to improve the service to residents. Work starts on Monday 24 October for five weeks, with a second phase of work taking place from January to March 2017, avoiding the busy festive season.

Work will take place in the following streets this autumn:

  • West Alvington Hill: Monday 24 October to Friday 28 October: temporary traffic lights
  • Veales Road Monday 31 October to Friday 4 November
  • Mill Street: Monday 7 November to Friday 11 November: road closure
  • Prince of Wales Road: Monday 7 November to Friday 11 November: road closure
  • Duke Street: Monday 14 November to Tuesday 22 November: road closure
  • Ebrington Street: Wednesday 23 November to Friday 25 November: road closure
  • Church Street: Wednesday 23 November to Friday 25 November: road closure

Project manager Andy Young said: “This is a real investment in Kingsbridge’s future. Without this necessary work the sewer network will continue to deteriorate. That can lead to collapses which cause pollution, flooding and odour.

Where possible we will be using innovative no-dig techniques but some excavations will be necessary. As well as upgrading over 700 metres of pipe, we will also be preventing sea water entering the network during high tides.

We will be working hard to minimise disruption to the public and businesses as far as possible while completing these essential improvements”.

Councillor Chris Povey, Kingsbridge Town Mayor, said: “It is inevitable that we will experience some road closures and diversions during this essential work to create new infrastructure and these may well feel frustrating.

However, we have worked closely with South West Water and its partners to confirm that no work will be carried out over the busy Christmas period. Kingsbridge will very definitely stay open for business.

I hope everyone will appreciate that a few minutes in a traffic jam listening to your favourite tunes is infinitely better than a jammed sewer system! So, please keep smiling and prove that as the great town that we are, we can take everything in our stride”.

The following work will take place in 2017:

  • Fore Street (north): Monday 9 to Friday 13 January: temporary traffic lights
  • Duncombe Street: Monday 16 January to Tuesday 24 January: road closure
  • Waterloo Road (west): Monday 16 January to Tuesday 24 January: road closure
  • Wallingford Road: Wednesday 25 January to Thursday 26 January
  • Waterloo Road (east): Wednesday 25 January to Thursday 26 January
  • Church Street: Monday 30 January to Friday 10 February: road closure
  • Church Mews: Monday 30 January to Friday 10 February: road closure
  • Ilbert Road: Monday 13 February to Friday 17 February: temporary traffic lights
  • Western Backway: Monday 20 February to Friday 24 February: footpath closure
  • Fore Street (lower): Monday 20 February to Friday 24 February
  • Plymouth Road: Monday 20 February to Friday 24 February: temporary traffic lights
  • Bus Station: Monday 27 February for approximately two weeks: entrance closure
  • Prince of Wales Road: Monday 13 March to be confirmed for approximately two weeks: road closure

For further information please contact: 0844 3462020







POTENTIAL FLOODING TIMES (45 mins either side of high tide)

in the Quay area: Bridge Street, Duke Street, The Promenade, Quay Lane, Prince of Wales Road, Bus Station, Mill Street & Devon Square

Thursday 12 January

Friday 13 January

Saturday 14 January

Sunday 15 January

0500-0630 and 1730-1900

0545-0715 and 1815-1945

0630-0800 and 1900-2030


Saturday 11 February

Sunday 12 February

Monday 13 February

Tuesday 14 February

Monday 27 February

Tuesday 28 February

0530-0700 and 1800-1930

0615-0745 and 1830-2000

0645-0815 and 1915-2045


0545-0715 and 1815-1945

0615-0745 and 1845-2015

Wednesday 1 March

Thursday 2 March

Sunday 12 March

Monday 13 March

Tuesday 14 March

Wednesday 15 March

Tuesday 28 March

Wednesday 29 March

Thursday 30 March

Friday 31 March

0700-0830 and 1915-2145


0515-0645 and 1745-1915

0545-0715 and 1815-1945

0615-0745 and 1845-2015


0615-0745 and 1845-2015

0700-0830 and 1930-2100

0745-0915 and 2000-2130

0815-0945 and 2045-2215

Tuesday 11 April

Wednesday 12 April

Wednesday 26 April

Thursday 27 April

Friday 28 April

Saturday 29 April

0615-0745 and 1845-2015

0645-0815 and 1915-2045

0600-0730 and 1815-1945

0645-0815 and 1915-2045

0715-0845 and 1945-2115

0815-0945 and 2030-2200

Thursday 25 May

Friday 26 May

Saturday 27 May

Sunday 28 May

0530-0700 and 1800-1930

0615-0745 and 1845-2015

0715-0845 and 1930-2100

0800-0930 and 2015-2145

Saturday 24 June

Sunday 25 June

Monday 26 June

0630-0800 and 1845-2015

0715-0845 and 0730-0900

0800-0930 and 1930-2100

Sunday 23 July

Monday 24 July

Tuesday 25 July

Wednesday 26 July

0600-0730 and 1815-1945

0645-0815 and 1915-2045

0730-0900 and 1945-2115

0815-0945 and 2030-2200

Monday 21 August

Tuesday 22 August

Wednesday 23 August

Thursday 24 August


0645-0815 and 1845-2015

0715-0845 and 1930-2100

0800-0930 and 2015-2145

Tuesday 19 September

Wednesday 20 September

Thursday 21 September

Friday 22 September


0615-0745 and 1830-2000

0645-0815 and 1915-2045

0730-0900 and 1945-2115

Thursday 5 October

Friday 6 October

Saturday 7 October

Sunday 8 October

Monday 9 October

Thursday 19 October

Friday 20 October

Saturday 21 October


0630-0800 and 1845-2015

0700-0830 and 1915-2045

0730-0900 and 2000-2130


0545-0715 and 1800-1930

0615-0745 and 1830-2000

0700-0830 and 1915-2045

Friday 3 November

Saturday 4 November

Sunday 5 November

Monday 6 November

Tuesday 7 November


0500-0630 and 1715-1845

0545-0715 and 1800-1930

0615-0745 and 1845-2015


Sunday 3 December

Monday 4 December

Tuesday 5 December

Wednesday 6 December

Thursday 7 December

0445-0615 and 1700-1830

0515-0645 and 1745-1915

0615-0745 and 1830-2000








Phyllis Angliss




Phyliss Angliss is the winner of Kingsbridge Citizen of the Year 2016 sponsored by Kingsbridge Town Council.  The award recognises the outstanding contribution of the work of people in the local community and this is the 13th year in which the competition has taken place.

Where do we start with Phyliss’ community endeavours? Well here goes….

During her earlier years Phyllis was engaged in various business activities including working for the BBC and was the chief technician in the Ophthalmic Department of City University, London. She has been an active participant in the Scientific Exploration Society and her varied contributions were recognised when she was made an Honorary Life Vice President along with other notable people such as Sir Ranulph Fiennes.  In 1984 she moved to Devon and managed an Ophthalmic practice in Kingsbridge and her support of the area began.

For many years she has sat on the Inland Revenue Tax Commission as an unpaid member. Recently, she created local history by becoming the first female member of the Kingsbridge Rotary Club. Approximately 21 years ago she became involved with the South Hams Talking Newspaper for the Blind and partially sighted and for the last 14 years she has been its secretary and co-ordinator. This charity supports approximately 160 blind or partially sighted people in Kingsbridge, Salcombe, Dartmouth and Ivybridge. She has set high standards in the recording of her work and her efforts have been gratefully acknowledged by the membership over the years. She maintains the rotas for the technicians and readers and supervises the multi-copying of tapes. She is in regular contact with her listeners and her concern for their welfare goes well beyond that of just being the co-ordinator with visits to the more vulnerable and makes representations on their behalf with statutory organisations when the need arises.

In addition to the Talking Newspaper, Phyliss also organises a weekly Talking Magazine completely on her own. She is assiduous in her research and produces a varied and most interesting magazine for the members, much of which is copied elsewhere by other Talking Newspaper organisations! This takes up a lot of her time each week – to do this week in, week out, requires absolute dedication, total commitment and huge reserves of energy. The Talking Newspaper is currently preparing to step-up to digitalised recording which she is embracing with her usual enthusiasm and knowledge. All of this and a red duffle coat too!