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Why are you parking on the pavement???


Press release - 12th February 2016 

Kingsbridge Town Council has received a number of representations regarding the poor condition of the pavement in Fore Street, particularly the eastern side, and it wants to improve the situation.

Devon County Council (DCC), the highways authority, working to central government guidelines will only identify paving slabs as a safety defect and therefore repair them when a crack, gap or trip hazard is greater than 20mm depth. Fore Street itself is designated as a primary walking route so the pavement is inspected monthly by the authority (twice monthly during June, July and August) to identify such defects. Such defective slabs used to be lifted and replaced with tarmac giving the whole length of the pavement a dreadful ‘patchwork quilt’ effect. So while aesthetically the pavement is in a better condition today safety-wise it is not. Indeed, several people have fallen where the trip has been less than the designated intervention level above.

The damage is being caused because of the inconsiderate and dangerous behaviour of motorists driving their vehicles across and parking upon the pavement. DCC is conscious of this issue across Devon but unfortunately its Civil Parking Enforcement Officers do not have powers to enforce such obstructions. The authority is trying to end this blight however, the Pavement Parking (Protection of Vulnerable Pedestrians) Bill did not receive backing in the House of Commons recently and will not be progressed at present.

The Town Council and Chamber of Commerce have got their heads together and have come up with the following menu of options to remedy the situation:

· a review of how defective pavement slabs are repaired with the aim to provide longer lasting repairs,

· a physical barrier to stop vehicles parking up on the eastern side of the pavement i.e. the introduction of bollards,

· local community surveys to supplement DCC’s monthly inspections,

· lobbying central government to reduce the 20mm intervention level policy, and

· greater DCC enforcement of loading bays to free up space for deliveries.

However, the Town Council and Chamber is also asking local residents and Fore Street businesses to look in the mirror and ask themselves if they are contributing to the present situation. In other words: how can Kingsbridge police itself? Firstly, by cracking the culture of local residents parking on the pavement. The authorities are appealing to motorists to adopt safer driving practices. The “I’ll only be 2 minutes…” argument has major impacts because it is your family, friends and neighbours who are falling over the broken paving slabs. Secondly, by more efficient use of loading bays in Fore Street. If loading bays were consistently free then delivery vehicles would have no reason to park on the eastern side of the pavement. The authorities consider that a number of local shops and businesses are outstaying their welcome. Loading and unloading must be a continuous activity and a vehicle must be moved once it is complete. The Town Council and Chamber have conducted a mail drop to the whole of Fore Street requesting that loading and unloading to premises is carried out effectively and in accordance with the regulations. In a nutshell, we all have our part to play to sustain Fore Street, Kingsbridge, as the heartbeat of our community by providing a safe and stimulating shopping and business experience therefore DO NOT PARK ON THE PAVEMENT.





GRANT AID 2016-17 



Every year the Town Council awards small cash grants to local groups and organisations which actively involve the community in recreational, social or cultural pursuits.

Bids for 2016/17 are now being invited.

Please be aware that there will only be one round of awards in 2016-17.

Application forms and conditions can be obtained from Quay House, Kingsbridge

downloaded from HERE or our Facebook page

or phone 01548 853296.

Completed forms with supporting documentation, must be received by Friday 1st April 2016







Do you know of someone who has served the town of Kingsbridge in a special way and deserves recognition for their works or deeds?

Then tell us about them, their good work, and the reason why they should receive the award

Collect your Nomination Form

(including info on the conditions for the award)

from the Council Offices at Quay House,

download from here


telephone 01548 853296

The deadline for entries is 26th February 2016

The award excludes members of the council and individuals who have received payment for council work and their immediate families






Do you fancy yourselves as the next Barbara and Tom? If you've always dreamed about creating your own allotment but not known where to start, then pop the kettle on, dig out your old jumpers, grow a beard 
(not essential) and take a moment to contemplate what's actually involved.

We currently have several allotment plots available to Kingsbridge residents at our Trebblepark site. It's a great way to get/keep fit as well as having the satisfaction of growing your own wonderful produce throughout the year.

For more information on cost and terms and conditions either email us at reception@kingsbridge.gov.uk or telephone between 9.30am and 1pm on 01548 853296.



The Mayor's Charity's 2014-2016  

The Mayor Councillor Wayne Grills has chosen The Royal British Legion Kingsbridge Branch as his charity to support this year.

The Royal British Legion is the UK's leading Armed Forces charity.  We provide practical, emotional and financial support to all members of the British Armed Forces past and present, and their families.  We actively campaign to improve their lives and safequard the Military Covenant between the nation and its Armed Forces.  We also organise the Poppy Appeal, run one of the UK's largest membership organisations and are recognised as the nations's custodian of Remembrance.  Our mission is to provide welfare, comradeship, representation and Remembrance for the Armed Forces Community.